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The Best Places to Visit Animals in Kuwait

The main place we’ve ever known to get up close with animals here in Kuwait used to be Kuwait Zoo. Since the zoo has been closed for years for unknown reasons other than renovations, I have noticed numerous places popping up featuring opportunities to see animals, especially ones that we can pet and approach. I have made a list of the places we have taken our daughter to so far. The spots include indoor and outdoor ones. Scientific Centre- Indoors To those who are new to Kuwait, Scientific Centre is an educational facility housing an aquarium, wildlife and ecosystems, an IMAX movie theatre as well as Discovery Place for Kids. The centre is situated by the Gulf seaside and there’s a beautiful walkway leading up to it that people enjoy trekking through. We love frequenting the place and it has always been one of our favourite spots to go to for a relaxing time. It’s just all in all a very atmospheric venue. Recently, the Scientific Centre added an animal petting corner inside the aquarium …

Are you really a “Food Blogger”?

If you’re living in Kuwait, you are probably aware of the huge amount of foodies here. Food is a craze in the country and the dining scene is exploding. With that, there’s a volume of “self-proclaimed” food bloggers. Ok, you enjoy food and are crazy about eating, so am I! You can definitely share your love for food however, please just don’t act like a “food connoisseur”.