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My favorite Kuwaiti food place so far – Amiti Noora

I tried a newly-opened Kuwaiti restaurant, which turned out to be one of my favorite go-to places for Kuwaiti food now.


Breakfast at The Butcher’s Den Steakhouse

If your morning hunger pangs have awakened, The Butcher’s Den local Kuwaiti steakhouse is offering a new menu of breakfast delights to enjoy on a pleasing weekend morning. The meat-centric restaurant will guarantee to rouse you from your slumber with a delectable breakfast feast. The menu’s scope is imaginatively original and profoundly memorable. The Butcher’s Den rendition of traditional breakfast offerings of eggs, French toast, crispy waffles, and plump pancakes are married with a meaty accompaniment. Known for its grass-fed beef, the main course is filled with the steakhouse’s signature fall-off-the-bone variously graded meats that serve to beef up your breakfast. Served to you in the beginning is an assorted bread basket for you to slather up your toasted corn bread toast with jam and homemade butter. Firstly, a popular accompanying side is the beetroot and goat cheese salad, which you can opt to be served with your main dish. One of your choices is the stack of short rib pancakes laced with maple syrup and topped with two fried eggs. A favorite, is poached egg …

Pizzetta, for a Slice of Italian-inspired Cuisine

If you’re looking for Italian-inspired cuisine, look no further than Pizzetta, a local pizza place created by Kuwaiti Chef Ahmad Al-Bader. If your hunger pangs have awakened and are calling for a delightful taste of Italy, you can head over to the Al-Bidaa’ strip of restaurants or drive to the Spoons complex in Mahboula. With décor that is modern with gentle hints of farmhouse and rustic vibes creating an overall Italian charm, Pizzetta features a unique menu drawing on Italian staples, classic combinations, and experiments with an array of daring ingredients, each flaunting a unique culinary flair. Set the tone of your meal with a selection of fresh salads, followed on by a range of appetizers for an enticing prelude for what’s to come. A delicious starter  offers Veal Carpaccio, a Venetian delicacy named after a 15th Century Venetian painter known for the red colors in his paintings. The dish consists of raw meat sliced as thinly as possible into gauzy pieces and drizzled with olive oil and special sauce.  Next up are the bite-sized toasted bread loaves called crostini, stacked …