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Pizzetta, for a Slice of Italian-inspired Cuisine

If you’re looking for Italian-inspired cuisine, look no further than Pizzetta, a local pizza place created by Kuwaiti Chef Ahmad Al-Bader. If your hunger pangs have awakened and are calling for a delightful taste of Italy, you can head over to the Al-Bidaa’ strip of restaurants or drive to the Spoons complex in Mahboula. IMG_0570 With décor that is modern with gentle hints of farmhouse and rustic vibes creating an overall Italian charm, Pizzetta features a unique menu drawing on Italian staples, classic combinations, and experiments with an array of daring ingredients, each flaunting a unique culinary flair.



Set the tone of your meal with a selection of fresh salads, followed on by a range of appetizers for an enticing prelude for what’s to come. A delicious starter  offers Veal Carpaccio, a Venetian delicacy named after a 15th Century Venetian painter known for the red colors in his paintings. The dish consists of raw meat sliced as thinly as possible into gauzy pieces and drizzled with olive oil and special sauce.

IMG_0575 Next up are the bite-sized toasted bread loaves called crostini, stacked with a variety of toppings of your choosing. A standout combination is creamy goat cheese paired with fresh bits of pear.


An equivalent but slightly different compliment to an Italian entree are slices of grilled garlic bread called Bruschetta  brushed with olive oil and served with fresh toppings.

The fried risotto balls are another common choice to opt for, spheres with a cheesy core layered with risotto and coated with breadcrumbs.

The pizzettas, which are small pizzas, are the centerpieces of the menu and ideal for having a personal-sized pizza that is small-portioned. A popular pick is the Pinocchio pizzetta, consisting of grilled chicken, slivers of mushroom, and creamy sauce. One would be “lying” if they said one slice was enough 🙂


For the main course, an excellent selection of distinct pastas and pizzas await you. For pizzas, choices are abound, ranging from the classic margarita, traditional pepperoni, to gourmet offerings topped with figs and Buffalo mozzarella. In Pizzetta, the pizza is simply a blank canvas of dough waiting to be filled with culinary creations, elevating the thinly crusted pizzas into an innovative and exceptional craft.

As you watch your pizza being made in the open kitchen, your order is whisked away from the fiery oven and onto your table. Be prepared to experience the tantalizing waft of melted cheese laden on warm crust permeating the air and stirring your appetite.  The pizzas, charred and birthed by a grill with a pizza specialty oven, come in variations.



If you feel like having something else, there is always the oven-baked Canneloni comprised of pasta shells stuffed with a mixture of meat furled with spinach and a savory cream-based filling. You can also go for the flavorful seafood linguine dressed in red sauce seasoned Italian style.


For a sweet transition, the milky and buttery bread pudding is reason enough to frequent your visit to Pizzetta. A spoonful of this warm, delicious, irresistibly good dessert, is definite to make you swoon. As your spoon breaks into the crust for a scoop, you will succumb to it immediately and from then on your appetite will call the shots 🙂 Other options include the pizza desserts for a sweetened spin on the restaurant’s specialty. IMG_0576


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