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Inequality and Feminism in Kuwait

I share my personal stance and opinions surrounding inequality and feminism nowadays.


Are you really a “Food Blogger”?

If you’re living in Kuwait, you are probably aware of the huge amount of foodies here. Food is a craze in the country and the dining scene is exploding. With that, there’s a volume of “self-proclaimed” food bloggers. Ok, you enjoy food and are crazy about eating, so am I! You can definitely share your love for food however, please just don’t act like a “food connoisseur”.

My experience working in a hotel and why I loved it.

Everyday would feel like a vacation. These were my first thoughts when I first considered a career in the hospitality and tourism sector, especially in a beautiful resort situated on the coast of Kuwait’s Arabian Gulf Sea. I remember walking into the gorgeous lobby of the multinational world-class hotel and wondering what it would be like to actually work there — great atmosphere, great perks! As a Kuwaiti female, it’s pretty uncommon if not common at all to work in a hotel in Kuwait. The tourism industry is not as advanced and progressive in the country making it an unpopular career choice. People also have this misconception that if you do work in a hotel then you’re either a receptionist, doorman or a housekeeping attendant which are all absolutely false assumptions and merely stereotypes. Being in the PR & Marketing field, I was eager to start off my career promoting a hotel. If people were opting for the banks and oil companies, I was heading the opposite direction. The deciding factor mostly had to do …

Celebrating the Best of Culinary Innovation at Horeca Kuwait 2016

The 5th edition of the annual Hospitality and Food exhibition, Horeca Kuwait, has successfully grown in popularity over the years, devoted to showcasing the latest innovations and concepts in Food & Beverage, embracing gastronomic talents and creativity, and revealing the most recent trends and progress in the country’s hospitality sector. Bringing together an array of local and international exhibitors, the event drew in a great number of chefs from across the region, who successfully put Kuwait on the culinary map once more! Since 2015, the exhibition has risen from 190 participants to over 250 this year, consisting of local and international exhibitors, elaborate food displays, and a great number of chefs from all over region. “Five years ago, we started Horeca in Kuwait with only 35 exhibitors and less than 100 participants in the food contests. Today, we have over 60 exhibitors and sponsors, and over 250 participants in the competition, as well as over 6, 000 visitors,” says Mohammed Najia, General secretary for Kuwait Hotel owner Association and the Director for Horeca Organization Committee and Delegue …

A Taste of Ottoman Cuisine

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa Kuwait launched its first Turkish Delights festival and welcomed three Turkish chefs  aboard from Bodrum Palace to revive the authentic taste of Ottoman cuisine. The Turkish-themed nights feature specially-prepared menus crafted by the culinary expertise of the Turkish master chefs, with extensive offerings showcasing the passion, skills, and tradition of Turkish food. A distinguished history and centuries of evolution have bestowed upon Turkish cuisine a variety of dishes, enriched by the chefs and transformed to heights of delicacy. Traditional gastronomic treats of different regions ranged from the comfort food of Turkish homes, the renowned Toyga Asi yoghurt soup, to the freshly oven-baked rustic bread and flavorful griddled meats of Kuzu Kuseleme and Manti stuffed ravioli, to the aromatic assortments of desserts like oven-baked Sutlac mastic rice pudding, the legendary halawa, and many more sweet Turkish specialties!   The Turkish-themed nights will be available through-out December only so hurry and enjoy the legacy of Ottoman cuisine! And now…a video of the Turkish Chef making the sophisticated homemade Turkish bread (Turkish …

Mearmisha, for shawarma on the go!

If you would like to resurrect the true taste of the mouth-watering shawarma you can drop by Mearmisha, a small shawarma boutique featuring a range of authentic and traditional roasted Shawarma is located at Mahboula, Kuwait. The restaurant caters to a variety of tastes through specially prepared sliced beef, chicken or vegetables each of which are marinated with a mélange of flavorful spice combinations, all tucked inside warm fresh-baked flatbread, topped with fresh ingredients, and ultimately dressed with a selection of five different sauces giving you an abundance of flavors. The shawarma master slices off shreds of spiced meat from the rotisserie after which the sizzling shavings of the tender meat with its crispy edges are encased in a warm bread and kept succulent with a variety of flavorful garlic and herb sauces. After being rolled and folded, the sandwich is then pressed onto a grill to give the bread an extra delightfully toasted crunch and eventually that’s a wrap! You can watch the entire preparation of this fulfilling ensemble from start to finish from …