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The Butcher’s Den- A Taste of Premium Beef Cuts


Located at the Bidaa’ Strip of restaurants, The Butcher’s Den is one of The Sultan Center’s Group of Restaurants, a meat-centric concept developed by Kuwaiti Chef Ahmad Al-Bader.

Upon entering, you are greeted with welcoming and warm staff, and décor artfully decorated with a line of various miniature cattle figurines dressed in different characters, as if to reflect the diverse choices of beef glazed and seasoned based on your preferences and “style”.  One can browse several of the tenderized cuts from a glass-enclosed display located in the corner of the restaurant.






The modern steakhouse serves prime cuts and offers an assortment of premium-aged and variously graded meats ranging from sirloin to ribeye and fillets. The Wagyu beef delicacy comes in rankings of red, silver, and the super-luxurious black Wagyu being the Rolls-Royce of all beef, with a lean and buttery texture that’s hard to find anywhere else in Kuwait.



The moment you take your seat, you are given something that you will not expect to find in a restaurant, or steakhouse, a delightful complimentary serving of a cloud of cotton candy. As you are handed the menu, considerable exploration is merited as a cascade of enticing and unique dishes fall before you that stir your appetite.

For appetizers, you can “graze” (pun-intended :))  on a range of dishes, starting with the all-time favorite and infamous Burrata with cherry tomatoes, a delicate and creamy mozzarella cheese sought-after by many.


Followed by the first course, the meaty part comes to play with fall-off-the-bone, rich and tender ribs and steaks, where you can pair your choosing with plentiful sauces, condiments and numerous side dishes to compliment your meal. Before you start devouring your juicy steaks, you are presented with a set of colorful and carefully-curated steakhouse knives to select from.



Along with your carnivorous meal you can add a wild rocket and blueberry salad or red chard and mangosteen (succulent and sweet tropical fruit) with chestnut dressing.




As for the main course, the menu offers an array of alternatives to steaks, where you can opt for the lobster linguine with lemon caper sauce, wagyu short rib ravioli, oxtail potpie, and much more.


More enjoyment can be had from the desserts, particularly the delectable salted caramel ice cream topped with caramelized popcorn fusing the sweetness of the caramel with a pleasantly surprising subtle dash of salt creating a flavorsome combination.


The Butcher’s Den is a unique and exquisite dining experience for friends and family. For a quiet time tucked away from the main dining area, the restaurant also offers a private room for parties and other special occasions, coupled with a live-cooking show station with occasional visits from Chef Ahmad Al-Bader himself.


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