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Wok Hay, New Asian Restaurant in Kuwait

Situated in front of Green Island, Kuwait,  is a contemporary Asian restaurant called Wok Hay. The name of the newly opened Chinese restaurant is characteristic of the aromatic flavor imparted by the Chinese wok pan.



You can start your dining with fragrant and refreshing green tea in a modern Asian setting with red and gold accents, as you explore the various dishes and contrasting flavors ranging from sweet, to sour, to spicy that Asian cuisine is known for.




Specializing in Chinese cuisine, the menu is emblazoned with vibrant appetite-inducing dishes based on traditional Chinese as well contemporary twists all infused with flavors of garlic, ginger, lime, and sesame along with the satiating aromas of Asia prepared by the Chinese Head Chef.

Starting with appetizers is the favorite Chinese speciality; roasted Beijing duck rolled inside thin Chinese pancakes called moo shu wraps that are plated with a side of dark duck sauce. Another popular and scrumptious choice that makes for a light and flavorful starter are the chicken lettuce wraps consisting of tender and flavorful minced chicken with a blend of chestnut and shiitake mushroom served with crisp lettuce.




For the main courses, highly recommended is the traditional tangy lemon black pepper seasoning served with a choice of beef, shrimp or chicken.




You can also have your choice of brown or white rice to go on the side, or a choice of egg, rice vermicelli or wide rice noodles. There are  plentiful traditional options and sides that can accompany your dish like steamed or stir-fried vegetables and refreshing salads.


The multi-Asian menu does not confine itself to Chinese alone, but also features a variety of Asian dishes ranging from Thai to Indonesian to Vietnamese that guarantee to further take your taste buds on an Asian excursion through the varying bold flavors of the region that are infused in every dish. Among those dishes are the Singaporean glass noodles tangled with an assortment of vegetables and shrimp that leave a lingering spiciness with every bite.



For a sweet ending, you can never go wrong with the lip-smacking banana and mango spring roll, a crispy wrapper sealed with banana and mango fillings, served with coconut ice cream and finished with caramel and mango sauce.

So, sharpen your chopstick skills, rev up your appetite, and enjoy the flurry of Asian flavors at Wok Hay.


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