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I didn’t think it could happen to me!

During my amazing trip to Singapore, we had a nice overdose of shopping and malls. There was one incident that I would like to share that occurred on my trip, which taught me a good lesson. One day we were at a mall doing some shopping. We walked past a kiosk called SEACREST that sold beauty products. I hadn’t heard of this brand before. An Asian saleslady handed me a sample of body lotion, and I gladly took it (BIG mistake). Before I knew it I was lured in by another olive-skinned sales lady who took me by the hand telling me “Come here, I’ll show you something amazing.” Being the naive girl, I was intrigued and followed her. My brother, sister-in-law , and her sister, stood by the sink while the sales lady applied some “sea salt” product on our hands and made us scrub them. As we washed it off she said, “see how smooth your skin is? It’s like baby skin!”. And it really was. We were enticed by the product and all …