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A Port of Roses in the Adriatic Sea-Portorož

Nestled between the Italian and Croatian borders is the coastal town of Slovenia called Portorož, a resort where I’d enjoy lounging on beaches and savoring succulent sea foods, snacking on ice cream as I stroll down the palm-lined promenade. Followed by that, hang out at Alaya bar- a fancy Bali-style beach bar serving all kinds of drinks and snacks in beach cabanas. It’s the glitzy life of the sea! Another small coastal town that is in walking distance from Portorož, is an ancient town called Piran that used to serve as a fishing harbour back in the day. It would take a nice 2 km walk from Portorož along the seaside to get there.  Piran is in many ways influenced by the Venetian republic because it was once part of the Venetian empire. After being in Venice numerous times I could definitely see the similarities between both with its narrow streets and medieval architecture. If you were to snap a photo of yourself in the streets of Piran, anyone would assume you are in Venice. The small coastal town …